AIKIDO @ THE ARC: Safety Policy


1. A suitably qualified person will be present during practice and will be responsible for safe conduct and practice for all students. All present will be expected to follow that person’s instructions.

2. It is the responsibility of all to conduct themselves in a way which is conducive to safe practice, being aware they are practicing a martial art with potential for injury to self or others.

3. The children’s games and soft play area is not to be used and anyone doing so does so at their own risk.

4. A first aid kit will be available on the premises for the use of a first aider or other suitably qualified person. Persons should be aware of procedures for calling emergency services.

5. Children under age 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who must stay on the premises while the child is there. The child will not be allowed to practice if this is not possible.

6. Students and parents or guardians of children must inform, if they have not already been asked, the person in charge of any personal injuries or health issues. They must not practice if they are aware of a health issue that may spread infection.

7. Anyone who sustains an injury will be expected to go off the training matt area. This is particularly so if the injury is likely to cause blood smearing.

8. Students are not permitted to bring weapons or other dangerous items into the dojo unless sanctioned by the person in charge. Similarly no techniques other than those from the instructor will be allowed. 

9. In case of fire or other emergency all should leave the premises without delay via the exits which are clearly marked.